Other things we're good at:
eating sushi:highwire acts: being a parade mascot:wine tasting:grilling:flyfishing: illustration:movie watching: cheering for the Packers: eating:story telling:hugs:mini golf:boo-boo fixing:playing: and birthday cake advice.

Creative. Effective. Proficient.

We strive to give our clients innovative and effective design solutions that will provide as much mileage and flexibility as possible. Our collaborative of professionals will work diligently to build the strength and integrity of your brand, and will help create flexibility within the structure of your marketing budget.

Our services combine the disciplines of marketing strategy, storytelling, design and technology into a comprehensive solution for our clients. Specializing in areas such as logo design, corporate identity, annual reports, web design and print design—we also occasionally delve into social media, photography and illustration.

Meyer Creative, LLC specializes in medium-sized businesses from a variety of industries including educational and financial services, fly fishing, manufacturing and non-profit organizations. Some are local, some regional and some national in scope.